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Unified Meeting Scheduling a meeting from the MAC desktop launcher
Functionality - July 29, 2013
Scheduling a Unified Meeting from the MAC desktop launcher and how scheduling a meeting on MAC differs from Windows.
How to Create a Custom Unified Meeting URL
Functionality - February 22, 2015
Overview of how to customize your Unified Meeting link to be used for your sessions.
How to share a PowerPoint Presentation in Unified Meeting 5
Functionality - January 19, 2017
How to start and end application sharing of a PowerPoint presentation within Unified Meeting 5.
Unified Meeting Google Calendar Gadget Creating an Event
Functionality - July 29, 2013
How to create an Event using Google Gadget Calendar in Unified Meeting.
Recording a conference on InterCall Unified Meeting.
Functionality - December 18, 2014
How do I record a web conference using InterCall Unified Meeting?

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