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Scheduling a MS Lync Online meeting using the Lync Web Scheduler.
Functionality - June 6, 2016
How do I schedule a meeting using the Lync Web Scheduler application?
Inviting a person to a Lync Meet Now who doesn't have Lync installed on their machine.
Functionality - May 31, 2016
This article will demonstrate how to join a meeting using the Lync Web application.
Starting a MS Lync Online Meet Now using ResPlus and Lync audio(VoIP).
Functionality - August 2, 2013
How do I start a Lync Meet Now with ResPlus audio and VoIP?
Accessing a recorded MS Lync Online meeting.
Functionality - August 13, 2013
How do I access a past recording of a MS Lync Online meeting?
Delete Or Cancel A Meeting Scheduled Through The Lync Online Web Scheduler.
Functionality - June 6, 2016
This article will walk Skype for Business or Lync Online users through deleting a scheduled meeting using the Lync Online Web Scheduler.

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