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Scheduling a MS Lync Online meeting using the Lync Web Scheduler.
Functionality - June 6, 2016
How do I schedule a meeting using the Lync Web Scheduler application?
Edit Or View An Existing Meeting Through The Lync Online Web Scheduler.
Functionality - June 6, 2016
This article will walk users through editing or viewing an existing meeting through Lync online web scheduler.
Sharing your Desktop in a MS Lync Online/Skype for Business Meet Now.
Functionality - May 25, 2016
This article will show presenters how to share their desktop in a Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business Meeting.
Reservationless-Plus audio and Microsoft Lync Online VoIP audio are not bridged together as expected.
Functionality - June 2, 2016
This article will talk about the solution for users utilizing Voip and other users on Res Plus not being able to hear each other when they are in a Lync Meeting. “I have added InterCall as an audio provider via the Microsoft Online Portal, why are VoIP us...
Utilizing International Dial Out on Microsoft Lync Online or Skype for Business Meetings.
Functionality - May 25, 2016
This article will explain how to enter a phone number so that Lync or Skype for Business can dial out.

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